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Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics (FIM)

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Forum has instituted awards in two categories:

  1. Honoring distinguished mathematicians
  2. Best Paper award to Ph.D. students

Best Paper Award- Professor R. S. Varma Memorial Award:
Starting with the Eighth International Conference at the University of Wollongong, Australia, the Forum has started organizing and funding a symposium solely for the purpose of encouraging and awarding young researchers consisting of new Ph.D. awardees and aspirants, also known as ‘Professor R.S. Varma Memorial Student Competition’ (RSVMSC). These awards are well structured, critiqued and judged by the leading scholars of various fields, and at the conclusion of which a certificate and cash award (presently Rs. 25,000.00) are provided to the winners. In a very short time, RSVMSC has become popular among young investigators in India as FIM has appreciably realized their participation at its conferences.
Research Journals:
The Forum publishes following peer-reviewed research journals:

  1. Journal of Combinatorics, Information and System Sciences (Started in 1976)
  2. Journal of Statistics and its Applications, Started in 2006.
  3. International Journal of Contemporary Computer Computing Matter is in progress.

Note: Details of these journals can be provided separately.
It is evidently visible from the international nature of the FIM’s conferences and its audience that Forum has brought a new energy among the Indian mathematical scientists of this generation by providing them with an international bridge to encourage intellectual discourses and exchange of ideas with scientists from other countries. Advancement of Indian mathematical scientists on the world stage has been one of Forum’s missions, which it is achieving on a regular basis by sponsoring partial conference expenses and featuring their presentations abroad at our conferences. It has also featured renowned Indian scientists as plenary speakers at the conferences abroad.

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